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This site was developed as a personal project, pure and simple. It's completely independent and noncommercial and has all been researched, written and designed by a single individual, i.e., me. Selection of the persons featured on the site has been, and will continue to be, entirely at my discretion.

While I'm not a trained historian, I do have a background in journalism and a long-standing interest in history and politics. I'm based in Sydney, Australia, have a BA in communications and work in web development. Despite what some visitors to the site may think, I have no particular ideological axe to grind. I'm definitely not a member of any political party or organisation.

Visitors to the site are encouraged to take the information presented as it comes. If you don't believe a statement or think the site is biased, check the facts for yourself. They've all been taken from easily accessible sources on the internet and in the media (see below). The 'More information' links at the bottom of most pages connect to the site(s) that I consider to contain the best, most complete and most balanced material covering the subject.

The pages on the site are updated as new information comes to hand. New entries are added as they are researched.

If you think I've gotten a fact wrong let me know, but you're going to have to be able to cite a credible source if you want to be taken seriously.

That's it folks. Thanks for your time.

Bruce Harris
Author and producer
June 2008

Sources and acknowledgements

Information included on the site has been sourced from hundreds of sites across the internet. Reference material has also been sourced from the print and electronic media and from other credible published texts.

Among all the content available on the internet there are some sites that, for the purpose of this project, have been consistently outstanding and deserve special mention.

The United States Library of Congress Country Studies Series provides in-depth and authoritative studies of the 101 countries and regions it covers, although most of the articles are now somewhat dated. The pages on www.moreorless.net.au are often critical of the US and its foreign policy over the years, but the Country Studies Series, which contains documents that are also often critical of the government which it represents, shows just why the US is a truly great democracy.

The Nobel Foundation's website pages covering the recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize include several of the heroes found here. The comments and insights contained in the speeches and articles featured on the site give a more human dimension to the hard facts.

Further credible and authoritative background information has been sourced from websites such as:

Several on-line "journals of record" have also been referred to regularly for source material and confirmation of facts. Included among these are:

There are also several other sites on the internet covering subject matter similar to that featured here. For example:

A full list of recommended sites is available in the bibliography.


References and links to external sites are provided as an information service only and should not necessarily be construed as an endorsement. Conversely, omissions should not be construed as non-endorsement.

Although every care has been taken to provide links to suitable material from this site, the nature of the internet prevents any guarantee of the suitability, completeness or accuracy of any of the material that this site may be linked to.

Consequently, this site can accept no responsibility for unsuitable or inaccurate material that may be encountered. Also, there is no guarantee that any of the sites listed will be available at any particular time.

All of the material published on this site is for global distribution. However, the site cannot guarantee that the material is complete or correct. The site therefore takes no responsibility for outcomes that may arise from the use, quotation or reference to the facts, comments and opinions contained within.